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Valentine’s Day Edition: When Love Equals Living Together

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Considering moving in with your better half? Our special Valentine's Day edition helps make sure you land in your new love nest with relative ease.
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Valentine’s Day Edition:
When Love Equals Living Together

If you’re in a committed relationship and are spending more time together than apart, you’ll eventually ask yourselves that age-old question: Is it time to live together?

The reasons can range from pragmatic (“We’re streamlining finances!”) to romantic (“We’re engaged!”) but just because something makes sense or sounds tempting doesn’t mean it’s the right decision.

You and your partner have asked the tough questions: You’ve identified why this is a good move and you’ve got a game plan to manage expectations. You’ve gotten frank about finances and how you’ll share in the chores. You’ve contemplated the change in relational dynamics and mapped out a game plan. If after all this you’re still on the same page, then congratulations on decided to merge lanes on the love freeway!

Whether you’re both starting fresh in a new place, or one of you is moving in with the other, reality will quickly replace romance as you begin making tough and tedious logistical decisions. Moving in together while partnered or newly married is a huge stressor, and navigating this new relationship terrain may leave you asking, “Where’s the love?”

Hey, hold up! This is the Valentine’s Day edition! We at Your Austin Storage have you covered, and we’ve got the love!

We love love. We love our customers like family. We love what we do, and we love living in a spectacular town like Austin. As self-storage experts, we deal in the business of transitions – and love is full of them.

We want you to land in your new love nest with relative ease, so read our recommendations on how to get there. Of course, we suggest it all in love!

Eliminate Clutter

If you’ve put off dealing with those piles and cluttered areas around your home (you know the ones!), now is the time to roll up your sleeves and tackle them.

If you’re the one moving, it’s motivating to reframe this daunting task as one that paves the path to a fresh start. Don’t carry your baggage to a new destination. Check out our tips for simple ways to declutter your domain.

If you’re welcoming your partner into your place, then one of the best ways to show your love is by clearing out ample drawer, closet, and storage space to welcome them home.

In either scenario, this includes taking time to edit your closet, since it’s likely you’ll share it with your sweetheart. Bonus points if you can score or offer up extra closet space in a spare bedroom!

Size Up Your New Space

It’s helpful to walk through your new joint living space and view it through the lens of how you’ll utilize it – both together and separately. Does the function and flow of the kitchen and main living spaces suit how you plan to use it on the daily or for entertaining?

Also, don’t overlook how each of you live your lives at home. Do either of you need a place to work remotely or exercise? Setting up your own ‘alone zones’ will go a long way to ensure that you each get a little bit of breathing room when you need it – a real deal-maker or deal-breaker when either of you just need time out to recharge.

Prepare to Compromise

We’re guessing that since you’re serious enough to move in together, you already know relationships are all about give and take.

As you embark on blending households, agree to communicate clearly and openly. Keep an open mind and handle your differences gently.

If your mate can’t part with their own version of Martin’s well-worn recliner on Frasier, or Jess’s gaudy wagon wheel coffee table in When Harry Met Sally, think carefully and choose your battles wisely! Chances are you’ve got bigger fish to fry. Use whatever piece they (or you) can’t part with to create a combined, eclectic style that represents both of you. Perhaps an old, inherited chair allows you to juxtapose its masculine lines with your softer feminine touches.

Another idea: pull your artwork together and curate it into mini-collections you can showcase in different areas of your home.

An inspiring gallery wall strikes just the right balance between cohesiveness and creativity – a perfect project for mixing up your disparate, unique pieces. You can group it by colors, subject matter, size, texture, or events (photos and mementos from that epic vacation!). The options are limitless. However it turns out, it will be uniquely you and reflect your combined style as a couple.

Dump the Duplicates

You’ve each spent time building up your separate stashes of furniture, so it makes sense you’ll need to make some cuts.

Whose bed will make the move? Which sets of dishware or cutlery go? What about similar home appliances? Don’t forget to edit out your smaller collections like linen sets, books, and music.

Once you’ve sorted everything to your satisfaction, it’s time to decide what to donate, sell, give away, or ditch altogether. Once you experience the lighter feeling of doing so, letting go of the old and making way for the new could become addictive!

Rent a Self-Storage Unit

After dumping your duplicates and paring down your possessions, you may find you need a landing place for the things you’re not ready to part with yet. Or, now that there are two of you, maybe you simply need extra storage for seasonal or exercise items, or small appliances and equipment.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make all the decisions now! You’ve made plenty of big ones already, so Your Austin Storage is here to act as a landing pad, either short-term or long-term, to keep your items safe and secure.

You can choose from one of our three convenient locations all around Austin’s hubs at Pond Springs (North), Mopac (Northwest), and Ben White Boulevard (South) for affordable pricing that can’t be beat. You can use our unit size estimator to determine what unit size you need, and map out a simple storage plan with these helpful tips.

Enjoy Your New Love Nest

Even when you’ve moved in or welcomed your partner to your home, it will still take time to settle in and make it feel like your place as a couple. Feathering your nest is an ongoing and evolving process, so have patience.

We suggest enjoying quality time with your partner to reap the benefits of your decision to move in together. Take time to celebrate the monumental task of combining households.

It’s the month of love, so why not plan a sexy at-home ‘Netflix and chill’ date with your favorite comfort foods and drinks? Or maybe you prefer a romantic night on the town with all the traditional trimmings: beautiful flowers, candy, and chilled champagne.

As a special house-warming gift to yourselves, consider picking out one new item for your place together. It can be as simple as a set of new drinking glasses or floor lamps, or an investment in a new entertainment center. Whatever it is, it’ll help your home feel like shared space – and it sets the stage for teaming up to make future household decisions.

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