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Ben White Mini Storage

4.23 Rating - 47 Reviews

Jesanna Pruett

on google Saturday August 17, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Dodo Man

on google Wednesday August 07, 2019
Lorraine was very friendly and provided excellent customer service. She also gave us a $20 discount as a first time customer and explained to us the terms of the contract.The unit is easily accessible.You can park right next to it and take out your stuff. The place is also very conveniently located at 405 E Ben White Blvd near Highway 35. I was able able to reach the UT dorm in about 15 minutes from there. There is no air condition. Thanks Neil B, Houston, TX

Thomas Ostmeyer

on google Wednesday August 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Logan Burns

on google Wednesday August 07, 2019
Staff is super helpful and nice. It is easy to get in and out

Kami Hull

on google Wednesday August 07, 2019
I have only been with them for a week, but the staff was friendly and knowledgable, renting the unit went smoothly, and the unit was clean and secure - what more could I ask for?

Kevin Mcroberts

The on site staff is great! I Love the price to.

Kenneth Yu

Teddi Connor

We used Ben White Mini Storage for a few months while we were moving and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. It's conveniently located, has great hours for getting in and out, and you can pull RIGHT up to your unit (instead of having to wheel your stuff down a hallway or up an elevator). Wanda was amazing and so friendly and helpful. She went above and beyond to make sure that we had a good experience- even though we were not long term renters! I looked around a lot at storage units before settling on this one, and it was the best experience I could have imagined. THANK YOU!

Mike Nelson

I've rented from them before the people are always friendly everything is good it's a great place to do business

Sara Juarez

Had a unit there for many years. Great employees reasonable prices! I would recommend to any friend.

Jackie O'daniels

Lori R

Spencer C

Friendly management and good prices!

Simon Perez

A great storage place with a great location. My only issue with them is they didn't notify me that units had been broken into so that I could reevaluate my lock situation.

Tony Broadway

Ulysses Group

Chaeli Cardenas

This company was my first experience with using a storage unit, and if I ever need one again I will definitely be a repeat customer! They have three unit sizes to choose from, all of which are very affordable, and I never suffered any damages from weather or had any troubles during my rental period. There are security cameras and a coded gate entry. The staff were always extremely friendly and helpful every time I visited, and to make it even better my first month was discounted for $20 off, and then I got another discount for referring a friend later on. Definitely a 10/10!

Taylor Carpenter

Raul Marquez

Taylor Foody

Great service! The woman who helped me was wonderfully charming and assured me of the security of the property -- all true, by the way! Location is south but super accessible and safe. I'll come back in the future!

Robert Polana

Best deal in town!Locally owned and operated. Extremely nice faculty staff, great location, and secured property - I wouldn't trust anyone else with my stuff.Thank you Ben White Mini Storage!

George Kuhle

I rented a unit at Ben White Mini Storage last summer. The man that set me up with the unit was very professional and answered all my questions. The rates of the units were very reasonable and had more than enough space. All of my belongings were fine even with the Texas summer heat. I definitely recommend Ben White Mini Storage, especially if you are looking for affordable prices and a safe place to keep belongings.

scott kandle

good storage facility. I found one of the best units ever here at an auction I went to. ever since I have loved this place!

Mayra D'Alva

I used Ben White Mini Storage to store my apartment stuff for the summer. It felt safe cause of the gate code and cameras. The process was easy and I got a storage unit right away. The size of the storage unit was perfect and i loved that it was so close to my university. I got a $20 discount for being first time customer so that was nice. OVerall good place! :)

Grace Mathieson

I used Ben White Mini Storage to store my items over the summer, they were very accommodating at move-in and when I called to stop my automatic billing (which was so convenient) they were very nice and helpful through that process. I felt my items were safe while I was away due to their code-access gates and surveillance cameras.Thanks Ben White! I would recommend them.

Sarah McGough

This is my second time renting with them and I would keep going back if needed. They do give you a discount for the first month which is helpful. They have amazing customer services and very organized. All of my things that were stored in the storage were still there and in the same condition as I left it, when I moved my stuff out. If I only needed the storage for half of the month, they were able to only charge me for half of the month. A very good storage company and I highly recommend this storage place to others.

Robert Lopez

needed a space in a pinch, found ben white mini storage on a google search. first month came with discount coupon. gave advance notice and was allowed to pro-rate the following month. friendly service, affordable, great location.

Jeannie G.

This place is a small place, it's clean and your items are safe. The staff is helpful and nice- answers all questions- great cusotmer service! Prices are good and it is very reasonable. Easily accessible. Doesn't save you from moving and storing- but it's the way to go if you have to! Highly recommend!

Clair C.

Super friendly and helpful staff. I kept almost all of my personal belongings here for 6 months while traveling/transitioning and never had a single problem. Took my things out of storage in the same condition I put them in and when I was done using the space I was able to pay only 3 days worth of rent while I got my stuff out rather than a full month. Will definitely use these guys if I need storage space again

Ryan R.

Great customer service and low storage unit prices. The place is very secure, safe and clean.

Mat H.

The customer service at Ben White Mini Storage is as good as I've received anywhere, in any industry. Every occasion I've had to deal with Pam in the office she's been super quick to respond, professional, and very kind. I didn't expect that moving stuff into a storage facility and making payments on it would be a pleasurable experience, but they've managed that here. When you do business at Ben White Mini-Storage, you're supporting people who value your experience.

Debi R.

I started my "storage" search, long before my move from California to Texas took place. I was referred to Ben White Mini Storage, as both of my daughters had used Ben White. Each and every time I called Ms. Pam in the office (most calls were from California), she was helpful, courteous, and very kind. She let my daughter sign the paperwork (since I was out of state). I would highly recommend this storage facility!

Carly W.

I had a great experience at Ben White Mini Storage.  The staff was always very helpful and got back to me quickly and their rates are very reasonable!  I definitely would recommend them to anyone who needs storage.

Marie C.

I had my items stored here for a little over 9 months. The location is great - right off of the highway, and I liked that it was easily accessible. I compared the prices here to some chain storage places and found the prices here to be a bit better. The office staff was always nice and was willing to work with me when I had to move into a larger unit. I don't live in the area anymore, but if I did I probably would've kept using Ben White.

Zanna O.

I had a storage unit here for two years and never had a problem with anything or anyone.  The office staff is so friendly and was even cool about it when I payed late a couple of times.  They were very helpful and the unit was super affordable.  The unit itself got fairly dusty, but I figure that's standard for an outdoor unit and I wasn't storing anything of great value...mainly boxes and old furniture.  I would definitely recommend this place to people-very easily-accessible and fair.

Mopac Self Storage

4.85 Rating - 34 Reviews

Sherwood Kelly

on google Wednesday July 24, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Donnie Culp

on google Sunday July 07, 2019
Great management and convenient location. Been doing business with them for several years.

B A Texan 36

on google Thursday February 07, 2019
Mopac Self Storage is both convenient and affordable not to mention clean and the employee is always nice. Highly recommend .

Alix Roy

on google Friday December 07, 2018
Been storing with them for my business for over 3 years now. No issues whatsoever. The facility is always clean, and I have had ZERO issues . No critters, humidity or leak issues.

Talinga McClinton

on google Friday December 07, 2018
Great prices and very clean and organized!

deana knowles

Spencer C

David Brown

This was the best storage deal around - easy rental - easy checkout - huge (12x30!!!) affordable units. Very convenient location off the main road and unlike the other guys in this part of Austin, you can get massive full size 18-wheeler to most (if not all) of the units. Easy in and out, none of that lame shifting to park, and running to a keypad and running back to your car. Drive up tap in keycode, do your business, drive out tap your keycode, on your way. The management were very cool and absolutely no hassle. Made this part of my move to Texas so easy. Thanks again!

john hill

William Goin

Staff is friendly. Well kept, nice looking, secure facility. It's gated with required passcode to enter AND exit. Comparably priced to neighboring storage facilities but in a better location, better accessibility (most units are drive-up/in, no large step up curb, and large aisle spacing), and just nicer overall. I would recommend and use them again.

Breanne Ryan

Easy access location, very clean, reasonable, and my things were kept in a temperature controlled environment for over 8 months - no strange smell, no pests, and easily accessable when I needed them. Highly recommend Mopac Storage

Marylou Clark

Rachel Calabretta

Very clean and secure. Email remi sets and online payment were very convenient. I'd recommend Mopac Self Storage.

Pierre Chaney

Great staff, easy to enter and exit facility, camera covered.

Jenny Booth

I rented a unit here for about 18 months and was exceptionally pleased. The property is clean, well maintained and I always felt safe when I was there. Easy access off Mopac. Friendly staff and reasonable prices, too.

Scott Heronimus

Very convenient and accessible storage. Competitive price and well maintained. I'll use them again in the future.

David Fuller

The staff is helpful, the buildings are clean, and the gates always work.

Christie Presley

Staff is super friendly and the rates beat other facilities for sure. The storage facility was always well kept and clean. No issues. Easy pay online feature. If we ever need a storage unit again, I will definitely come back here!

David Waugh

Very black-and-white contract. No hidden fees. The staff here is so, so helpful. I have really appreciated renting space here twice now. I like the local feel a lot. Clean facility, and the gate has always opened with my code, which is important when you have a vehicle full of stuff to unload. The place is reliable, honest, fair, and likely has space open for you to rent. I highly recommend over any corporate storage facility. Bring your own lock.

Eydie Toll

Convenient, clean, friendly! I would definitely recommend it!!!

Jack Ryckman

Very Convenient. Very well managed.

Annie-Lee Taylor

If you have to keep stuff in storage and live close to this place, I would definitely recommend it. Whenever I call the lady that works there, blanking on her name right now, she is always so sweet!I have an air conditioned unit and it seems like a reasonable price for the space.I trust my stuff there and have never had any problems!

Lisa Marie Chatroop

My family and I have used Mopac for several years now. The most recent time was when my husband and I purchased our new home and had a span of a little over three weeks where we'd be "homeless" between our old apartment and new home. The lady there (who seems to be the site manager) is very helpful and has always been able to give us an accurate space estimate for what we need. The location is nice (right off of the tollway) and it's always seemed like a safe place to keep our belongings. They're a bit cheaper than some of the national chains without all of the added fees, which is nice.

David B.

This was the best storage deal around - easy rental - easy checkout - huge (12x30!!!) affordable units. Very convenient location off the main road and unlike the other guys in this part of Austin, you can get massive full size 18-wheeler to most (if not all) of the units. Easy in and out, none of that lame shifting to park, and running to a keypad and running back to your car. Drive up tap in keycode, do your business,  drive out tap your keycode, on your way. The management were very cool and absolutely no hassle. Made this part of my move to Texas so easy. Thanks again!

Natalie M.

These guys are great! Definitely the best prices I've found in Austin for similar facilities. I had a small interior temp controlled unit with them for over a year and had no issues. Place was always clean and well maintained. I felt my things were secure there and never saw anything sketchy going on. Their customer services was great and their team was super helpful whenever I contact them. I've used bigger brand storage units in the past (such as U-Haul - never again!) and have found they were generally overpriced plus provided some of the worst customer service so the ease of dealing with Mopac Self Storage was refreshing and a relief. I would definitely use them again and recommend them for worry free storage!

Kori P.

We've been using Mopac Self Storage for 3 years now, and we've been more than pleased. Staff is very accommodating, helpful, and always so kind. Even during the flood times last year the grounds were kept clean and no water got into any of our units. Although our time with them is coming to an end (we're moving), I will always suggest my North Austin area friends use this location. (And as a dog lover, I personally love walking into the office and being greeted with not only friendly staff, but very friendly pups, it made me feel welcomed).

Annie-Lee T.

If you have to keep stuff in storage and live close to this place, I would definitely recommend it. Whenever I call the lady that works there, blanking on her name right now, she is always so sweet! I have an air conditioned unit and it seems like a reasonable price for the space. I trust my stuff there and have never had any problems!

Douglas P.

Mopac Storage turned out to be most excellent when I moved to Chile for a couple years. Thankfully I went with them after a bad experience with Public Storage (another of my reviews). They are a local Austin company and they were Superb! Once I moved back to the US from overseas they even offered to give me credit because I had paid in advance. They basically rock!

Shirley P.

The service I got was very speedy and professional. I am pleased with the location and the property all together. Thank You

Marie C.

I stored some excess furniture during the three years I lived in Austin. My rent stayed the same throughout, which was great. The units are nice and accessible and when I moved into a bigger place with storage, my movers were able to pull a large truck right up to my unit and quickly get my stuff out. The site managers were always friendly and helpful. I wish they had online payments (maybe this has changed now?) and that's the only downside. Otherwise, great experience!

Pond Springs Mini Storage

4.45 Rating - 40 Reviews

Sean Thomas

on google Wednesday September 04, 2019
Kathy in the front office was very nice and made me feel comfortable with putting my things in there storage unit. She was willing to help me make a decision on the right size unit and did not try to sell me one that I would not need. Thank you so much for making this difficulty situation as easy as possible for me.

Mikki Hallam

on google Wednesday August 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

Kristina Grant

on google Wednesday August 07, 2019
I am VERY impressed on how professional the place is, all my needs were met, and every question was answered. It's so refreshing after a difficult move to see a smiling professional friendly person at Pond Springs Mini Storage. I would absolutely recommend this place or if you know anyone who's moving just give them the website click on it and they will do the rest...

B Brooks

on google Sunday July 07, 2019
This reviewer did not leave a comment about their rating.

D Lou

on google Sunday July 07, 2019
I have had a great experience in the past, so when I needed temporary storage again, so I obviously returned! Helpful folks, super clean units. Security gates and onsite employees. Units are very affordable. Big plus for location, great employees and their concern for customer safety!

Manuel Chapa III

Great place

David S

Love the employees. Great people

James Watson

Spencer C

Nice and friendly management!

Spencer C

Michael Lay

Nice off the beaten path storage center. Decent prices and great staff.

Mike Nelson

Clean establishment friendly staff great place to do business

Grayson Chamberlain

Kind & helpful staff, with an understanding of the importance of communication with customers

Angel Simmons

This has been my go to storage place for a out 20 years now, always helpful and accommodating.

Alejandro López

(Translated by Google) All right(Original)Bien


Allen Shipman

Kristin Bland

Easy access for customers and friendly staff

Austin Tech Services

The Best facility Kathy and Loraine!! Yay

Rene Rodriguez

Ochana Mathis

Very clean

Mark Rogers

nice ladies in charge

Zac Tinney

I have had many units over at Pond Springs Mini storage over the past few years!Since moving in the last time I ave realized that multiple folks from my church just across the street house their stuff here too! The staff is always super friendly and the prices are better than anywhere else in the area.

Tony Holmes

I've had to rent storage on several occasions over the 18 years that I lived in Austin and I have found their facilities clean and well maintained. The staff is always friendly and quick to help if there is ever a problem. If I ever move back to Austin and need extra storage they will the first one that I call.

Lisa Marie Chatroop

I had previously had my items at a national chain storage facility which I'll leave unnamed. I decided to switch after their fees were killing me and I'm glad I did. I'm paying less per month than before and although there are minor things that I miss (i.e. I can't make a payment online, place looks a little outdated, etc.) but I like that it's convenient, management is friendly, and I was able to provide my own lock instead of paying an arm & a leg for a ridiculously overpriced facility-issued lock.

Savannah C.

The manager here is excellent to work with. Their rates are incredibly fair and they allowed me to only use their storage for the one month I needed without charging me extra or tying me into a contract. My unit was clean and I felt very safe knowing the manager lived on site. I was recommended to this storage facility and would recommend them again and again.

Melissa L.

This is a great place. They really take care of you. If you have any questions and they don't answer they get back to you.

Arman N.

We had found this storage unit last minute and were able to move in right away. Initially, we had requested a 5x5 storage unit for a month thinking it would be enough for two rooms worth. We quickly realized that this was not going to be ideal for our situation and that we would need a bigger unit. We were able to quickly check into that storage unit and then able to easily switch to a bigger unit with no hassle. The lady at the office was very nice and courteous when checking and making the unit switch. She even let us use the full payment of the smaller unit apply to the bigger one and then allowed us to pay the difference in the units at the end of the month time. All in all, the process of moving to and out of the storage unit was easy and a pleasant experience. I would definitely use Pond Springs again if I ever need to use another storage unit.

S V.

When our closing date crept up and the mortgage company said we would have a slight delay, I was worried.  What would we do with our stuff?  I ran across Pond Springs MiniStorage and their kind staff saved the day!  I was helped by Cathy and Lorraine- both of which were unbelievably kind and helpful.  Rates were super competitive and the facility was clean and well maintained.  I would definitely recommend this place.

Michael H.

Moving on short notice was a headache but finding convenient storage wasn't, the staff was very helpful both over the phone and in person, I was able to get my stuff in the same day with the available late night access on request, the units look well kept and clean. I would go out of my way to be a patron of this business again.

Chase F.

This place was very easy to deal with.  The woman who helped me fill out my paperwork was super friendly (typical Austin) and knowledgeable.  I would recommend this place to anyone with storage needs.  Also, very nicely located just off of 183.   My only beef with this place is that I was told my storage unit would be a 10x5, and the measurements are just a tad off.  Nothing major, like 4-5 inches off.   Much respect to this place of business.

Marie C.

I had to move out of my apartment rather abruptly and had to find a storage facility fast so I could get back to Chicago ASAP. I contacted Pond Springs and was able to move in right away which was a huge relief. It was relatively easy to move in and out - the ability to drive right up was so nice (I'm used to Chicago storage facilities where you have to haul stuff down a bunch of halls on a cart!). The downside - facilities look a bit outdated, but I can't complain - my junk remained clean, safe, etc. etc. until I was able to return to Austin to haul it back to Chicago - and the price was right.


This is the best storage facility I've ever used (and I've used a lot). I highly recommend. Location is great. Facilities are clean. The price is way more reasonable than the chain storage. Shop local!!


I had a unit it there for years and years.... and then for years and years, did not need it. When I came back after 5 years and walked in the office, Cathy remembered my name! AND gave me a 10% discount. I am very pleased with everything at Pond Springs Mini Storage.


really close to where i live, plus it was cheaper than the other place down the street. i had to buy my own lock,so far no problems and they'll usually work with me if im going to be late on the rent.