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Business Storage Solutions

Three Convenient Locations

  • Document Storage

  • Business Records

  • Retail Inventory

  • Drive-Up Access

  • Secured Location

  • Commercial Equipment

  • Real Estate Signage

  • Contractor Supplies

  • Onsite Management

  • 24-Hour Surveillance

Why do businesses use off-site self-storage?

We’ve been in the business of self-storage for over 30 years and have witnessed many of our business customers successfully grow their small businesses, using our storage unit options as an off-site location to store commercial equipment, tools, supplies, as well as retail inventory and business records.

What are the types of business customers who use self-storage at Your Austin Storage most often?

Construction Professionals and Contractors use Your Austin Storage to store tools, supplies, and equipment. Roofers and remodelers also find off-site storage to be a convenient option. With our drive up units, many find the ease of access to load and unload commercial vehicles to be a breeze. Our properties are gated with personal gate-code access, 24-hour security camera supervision and on-site managers–all designed to help keep your business thriving year-round–without having to pay for costly warehouse or office square-footage.

Marketing and Sales Representatives for medical technology, pharmaceutical sales and others in similar industries usually have marketing materials such as folders, brochures and more, that are required to be distributed to potential customers. Self-storage units are a great alternative to storing tons of boxes in a person’s dining room or garage. 

Entrepreneurs with one or more Side Hustles or Side Businesses. Austinites are highly industrious by nature and many choose to “work from home” with various businesses–that may include cosmetics and skin care products, nutritional and wellness products, wine and more. All of these types of businesses require space for inventory.  Off-site storage at one of our properties at Your Austin Storage is often a logical option.

Landscapers and other Lawn Care Professionals. With our drive up options, the business owners and their employees who are the in the world of maintaining beautiful greenery and lawns for homes and businesses like the convenience of using our storage units for their equipment and supplies. 

Swimming Pool Builders and Maintenance Companies. Self-storage is a great option for swimming pool maintenance professionals–especially when the cooler months require a secure place to keep supplies, tools, and equipment. With our flexible rental terms, you can opt to move up and down in size of our units with only a 10-day notice.Perfect for those businesses that require different size storage needs at different times of the year. 

Realtors, Home Stagers, and Apartment Managers find self-storage to be a super-convenient place to store furniture and a variety of other items used for decorating a property that is for sale-such as rugs, paintings, imitation plants, trees, floral arrangements, and other decorative items.  These are usually used in the home-staging process-often a strategy used to help sell residential homes on the market more quickly. At Your Austin Storage, dealing with us is super simple, with zero hidden fees, zero long-term contracts-and we’ll also welcome you with a smile.

Small Moving Companies that would like to provide temporary storage for their customers’ items in the midst of a move find that using our self-storage units an excellent option. 

Attorneys, Accountants, and other professions that require keeping paper records often find that extra space for storage is often needed. They need to be hidden from view and kept secure so using self-storage is an excellent alternative. 

Restaurants, Food Trucks, and Catering Companies find using our self-storage units ideal for storing food-service equipment and supplies needed to maintain their business. Vehicle parking is also an option at some of our locations. 

Party Rental Businesses will often use our temperature controlled units for electronic equipment that needs to be kept safe and sound in between events.

Equipment Rental Businesses that don’t need an expensive showroom to store their equipment can keep their small equipment and machinery safe, secure, dry and organized when they are not being rented out. Air compressors, jackhammers, electric saws, water pumps, ladders, floor-cleaning equipment and more, are just some examples of the types of equipment that can be stored in an off-site unit for an equipment rental business.